About Claudia Garcia Aguiar

Hi everyone! My name is Claudia Garcia Aguiar. I’m of Spanish descent and I can’t get enough of blogging about almost everything to do with online finance. I tend to specifically focus on the different ways to make money online, online betting tips and venues, and the fundamentals of financial markets trading. I think it is possible to make a living online today, and that gamblers don’t need to go to Las Vegas anymore, to say the least!

When I’m not writing about online finance, I’m probably playing with my two kids or telling my mostly wonderful husband to help out once in a while and that childcare is not work for a woman! My oldest daughter is named Maria and she’s nearly seven. My youngest is named Anna and she isn’t out of diapers yet. I basically got into blogging and online finance in a desperate search for a way to work at home and raise the kids at the same time. What do you know: it worked!