Play Online Roulette for Fun or Real Money


Playing roulette online has never been easier! Whether on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile, the options to play roulette, just for fun, or for real money, are many, and we write this article in hopes of helping you find your platform where to play the famous casino game online.

How to Choose the Best Online Roulette Casinos

Whether you’re looking to play roulette for fun or real money, it’s important to know how to choose a reliable gaming platform for several reasons:

  • Tested Fair by an Independent Auditing Agency: First, you want to be sure that the developer of the roulette game software you are playing is known for its fair games, tested by an independent audit agency. This is to make sure that you play in conditions identical to what you could experience in a brick and mortar casino. The best online casinos are holders of a license which pushes them to submit their games to tests to be sure that the results of each draw are not manipulated by the online casino or by the website on which you play and that Roulette games offer fair chances following the official rules of the game. This is of great importance even when playing for fun because you can expect roulette to behave in a similar fashion if you decide to play for real money.
  • Choose a Casino that is Licensed and Regulated: For the same reasons, choosing a licensed and regulated casino will ensure that the roulette game you play at is guaranteed fair. Countries have local licensing authorities have regulatory like UKGC, Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and more…
  • Look for the Best Casino Software Developers: The leading casino software developers are supplying games to most online casinos. Looking for the best of them will ensure you play on what the best of the latest technology can offer, with great graphics, beautiful design, immersive soundtrack and, flexible gameplay.

Rules of Online Roulette

Whether you play roulette online for fun or real money, the rules of the game are the same. Roulette is a game based purely on luck and where the goal is to guess the outcome of each spin. At the beginning of the game, the player or players place their bets. The first thing to do if you are new to Roulette is to get used to roulette wheel and to the game table:

The Wheel: The wheel is divided into 37 segments or slots for European roulette and 38 for the American version. This is the only significant difference between the two versions of the game. The segments are marked from 0 to 36, and the American version has an additional 00 slot.

The Table: The roulette table is where players place their bets. The famous casino game is one of those where players have the most choice of different bets. The types of bets are distinguished into two categories: Outside bets and Inside bets.


  • 0/00: Situated at the left of the table layout are the 0 or 0|00. European Roulette only has a single 0 while American Roulette has a 0 and a 00.
  • Numbers: The numbers are arranged in the table layout in increasing order from bottom to top and from left to right ranging from 1 to 36.
  • Forming a semi-rectangle around the bottom right corner of the numbered table layout are arranged all the betting options called outside bets:
    1. Red or Black (Rouge ou Noir): Bet on the colour of the next outgoing number.
    2. Even or Odd (Pair ou Impair): Bet on the parity of the next outgoing number.
    3. 1 to 18 Low (Manque) or 19 to 36 High (Passe): Bet on the range of the next outgoing number.
    4. Dozen Bet: Bet in which dozen will be the next outgoing number.
    5. Column Bet: Bet in which column will be the next outgoing number.


1. Straight/Single: Bet on a single number.
2. Split: Bet on two numbers vertically or horizontally adjacent.
3. Street: Bet on three consecutive number in a vertical line.
4. Corner/Square: Bet on four numbers that meet in one corner.
5. Six Line/Double Street: Bet on six consecutive numbers forming two adjacent vertical lines.
6. Trio: Bet on 3 numbers including at least one 0. 0-1-2 whatever the version, 0-2-3 European version, 0-00-2 or 0-00-3 American version.
7. Basket/First Four: Bet on 0-1-2-3 European Roulette only.
8. Top Line: Bet on 0-00-1-2-3 American Roulette only.
9. Row: Bet on both 0 and 00. American Roulette only.

How to Play Roulette

1. Place your bets
2. The wheel is set in motion and the ball is placed on it
3. The ball eventually ends in one of the slots
4. Bets are paid accordingly

Have Fun and Good Luck!

You are now ready to play roulette! To find the best casinos online or to play roulette for fun or real money, it is advisable to visit the specialised sites that compare the best offers and tell players which sites are trustworthy and which are best to avoid. Have fun and good luck!

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